Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Save Your Tooth With A Root Canal

A root canal treatment is used to repair or save a tooth that is infected or badly decayed. In the root canal treatment, the nerve and pulp are removed, cleaned and sealed. If it is not treated on time then the surrounding tissue of the tooth will become infected and form abscesses.

A cavity present into the center of the tooth is described as the root canal. The pulp or pulp chamber is the soft area present in the root canal. The tooth nerve is within the root canal. A tooth nerve is not vitally important for tooth function and health after the tooth has emerged by the gum but it has sensory functions.

When a tooth’s nerve tissue or pulp is destroyed, it breaks down and allows bacteria to develop and multiply within the pulp chamber. An infection or abscessed tooth can develop by the bacteria or other decayed debris. An abscess is a pus filled pocket that develops at the end of the roots of the tooth. An abscess or infection in root canal can cause swelling, bone loss, or drainage problems into the gums.

Root Canal Treatment

Generally, the root canal treatment needs only one sitting but it may increase according to the requirement. In the procedure, an access hole will be drilled into the tooth. The pulp with the bacteria, the decayed nerve tissue and related debris are removed from the tooth.

The process of cleaning all these out is performed by using root canal files. A chain of these files of increase diameter is placed into the access hole to worked down the full length of the tooth to scrape and scrub the sides of the root canals. Once the tooth is fully cleaned, it is sealed. Sometimes it needs one week to seal the tooth. It is a painful process but highly successful. Many teeth fixed with a root canal can have lifelong durability.

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