Tuesday, 24 March 2015

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Tooth colored fillings are also known as composite fillings. The mixture used for this purpose is made up of mixing a type of glass and tooth colored plastic.

In the past, for filling the tooth a mixture or amalgam of different metals are used. This will make a artificial look to the teeth. Now a days, it improved a lot and more natural looking tooth colored fillings are used widely.

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Uses of Tooth Colored Fillings :

Fillings are mainly used to restore the decayed teeth. This also avoid further decaying of the same teeth.

Cosmetic improvements of the teeth can be done by using tooth colored fillings. This is done by improving the smile beauty by changing the color of the teeth or by reshaping the figure of the teeth.

How Tooth Colored Fillings are Placed ?

Tooth colored fillings are placed by the dentist in layers. Each layer is harden by using a type of light. After the layers are successfully placed, the dentist will shape the filling to fit the teeth. This is done to make the filling look same as the tooth. The fillings are polished to prevent early wearing and staining.

Advantages of Fillings :

The main advantage of fillings are aesthetics. This is because the dentist can make a the shade of the fillings similar to that of the tooth.

The remaining tooth structure of the decayed tooth can be supported by using tooth colored fillings.

This also helps to avoid the breakage of tooth and will insulate the tooth from temperature changes.

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