Thursday, 21 January 2016

Dental Implants in Bangalore

A dental implant is an artificial support to the prosthetic (crown). Implants are made of bio-compatible, chemically pure titanium. The shape of the implant screw is more reminiscent. After the installation of implants in the jaw, it takes 3 months for the complete fusion of the implant to the jaw bone,ie. After that, you will get an artificial tooth root. After the due date, a crown or a fixed bridge is made to fix in the implant.

Advantages of implants

1 : The ability to restore the integrity of the dentition, except for additional processing of healthy teeth.

2 : The ability to avoid injury to healthy teeth in the manufacture of dentures, which by means of hooks fixed to the remaining healthy teeth.

3 : Application of modern implants allows you to create not only a reliable design for fixing dentures or crowns in the total loss of teeth, but also to achieve their secure fit that significantly increases the chewing efficiency and reduces the size and volume of dentures, making them as close to natural teeth, and more comfortable.

4 : Implants that are implanted into the jawbone, allow nullify the bone atrophy, inevitable in the absence of chewing load in place of the missing tooth.

5 : Crowns, put on the implants, very fit harmoniously into or create a dental arch, which provides the best solution, both functional and aesthetic problems.

6 : The service life of implants with proper care, not only comparable, but exceeds, the service life of native teeth, especially if you are not lucky with genetics.

Types of dental implants

Modern dentistry has at its disposal, a wide variety of like forms and types of implant. This allows you to choose a treatment, which is ideal for everyone, to a person, regardless of the complexity of the problem. What types of dental implants and what intervention is right for you and that you need to put solves dentist. Today, there are four main types of dental implants, which are used in 80% of cases, and a few more, the use of which is limited. It is important to realize that the use of any type of implant involves surgical intervention and sufficiently long period of healing (implantation into bone). How much is to put the implant will depend on its type and manufacturer. Also, various types of implants have different healing period.

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